I’ve done various challenges to transparently verify my claims, despite always allowing anyone to test my technology on any wheel. But I’ve done public challenges too, for the benefit of people who were easily misled by others. All are listed below.

Ronjo’s computer testing

I sent a free roulette computer to forum member Ronjo, who was selected by forum members (not me), because he was universally accepted as neutral and trusted. He proved everything I had said was true. Ronjo was then attacked by the people who attacked me.

Online casino testing

This required me to test with real money at an online casino, using the account of the person who requested it. He sent me his login details. When I signed in to begin, this person locked me out of the account and accused me of trying to hijack his account. These were baseless claims.

So I said I’d create a separate account I created. I didn’t have time to complete the challenge, so one of my players did for me. He succeeded, but the person who challenged me did not accept it because I didn’t personally complete the challenge.

Public demonstrations

I’ve conducted numerous public demonstrations, where I openly demonstrate effectiveness of my computers. Anyone could have attended. The dates and locations are made public well before the events.

I published the recordings of the events too, which are available on

The “critic” claimed I must have used magnets, and paid actors to act amazed.

Repeat testing on the same spin

This was to demonstrate the phone’s ability to accurately process timings. The results were clearly in my favor. The “critic” published his own version of reality.

I’ve done enough public challenges. I don’t have time for more. Anyone can visit me themselves and test my technology on any wheel.