Beware of Fake Reviews on Forums

Anyone can post anonymously on forums. So scammers often publish positive reviews about their own products, and negative reviews about competitors. Of course the reviews are fake.

Some people actually believe the information.

Sure, pay attention to reviews on the Internet. But don’t believe the first thing you read. Most false information about me comes from dishonest competitors, and vengeful scammers who were banned from my forums.

Besides my ads that run on my forums, I discourage people asking about my technology on my forums. You’ll find systems for sale, by other vendors, are more prominent on my own forums. When people ask about my technology, I ask them to contact me privately.

You don’t see positive reviews on forums. Why? Because I know the reviewers would just be attacked. And anonymous internet reviews should hold no weight for any intelligent person. Also players submit a non-disclosure agreement anyway.

Anyone can test my technology on any wheel they want, before purchasing. This should be your primary focus – not anonymous internet reviews.