Alabalah is a roulette “system seller” from India who posts under fake names on forums to discredit me. This is because I banned him from my forums after he scammed several members.

Initially I allowed him on my forum to sell his roulette system. Below is my initial post to him, and one user’s response:


Eventually members who purchased his system complained it was a scam, and the majority of forum members requested I ban him. Below are some of the posts from other members:


After he was banned, Alabalah kept returning to my forums using proxies and fake names but was quickly banned. He is also banned from almost every other gambling forum. I’m not interested in discrediting him and you can find ample information about him elsewhere.

Now he has a vendetta against me. Mostly he just posts repeated nonsense from other people like Mark Howe. Unfortunately as I’m a forum administrator, banning scams to protect members inevitably makes me the target of scammers.