Mark Anthony Howe (competitor)

Mark Howe is a profoundly manipulative ‘competitor’ who’s responsible for 95% of the false claims about me. Generally he uses a combination of elaborate fabricated information (documents and emails) mixed with a blatant distortion of facts. He posts under many fake names on different websites and forums, usually pretending to be my players.

His manipulation is actually quite clumsy, but he doesn’t expect you’ll do even basic research that easily reveals his manipulation. Some of his lies are quite wild. For example, claims like I’m broke and living with my parents next to a homeless hostel, on welfare, all while the FBI is chasing me. Even to explain the positive results in my public demonstrations, he claims I used magnets and paid actors to behave amazed. Such claims have no truth to them whatsoever, and you’d need to be gullible to believe him.

His claims have changed over the years, and he has had ample time to selectively modify his material, all to make you buy his products instead of mine. Nevertheless, I’m not interested in attacking or harming Mark, but considering everything he has said and done over the years, I believe he is literally mentally ill. You’ll need to do proper research to understand why I and many others believe this. I don’t have time to address all of his nonsense, so this page addresses only the most relevant claims.

To better understand the type of person Mark is, also see

False Claim 1: Mark Claims I was “sued” by a player for “theft”

VCAT case dismissed

Mark publishes official documents regarding a civil mediator case with Vince Brandt (see here for case details), but he blatantly lies about what the documents represent. He wants you to believe I was sued for “theft”, that the FBI was involved, and even that investigators determined I was financially broke. The truth is much simpler.

Basically the player (Vince Brandt) did not understand my software’s download instructions, so he sent me vile threats and abuse. I asked him to stop his unjustified abuse and call me personally so I could help him, OR hire an impartial mediator so I could discuss the matter without his vile threats. Vince chose to hire a mediator, which is VCAT (a civil mediator service).

The mediator clearly saw I did nothing wrong. In the end, I explained to the mediator that Vince had not used my software. So it was agreed I would provide Vince with a refund. The result was put “on paper”, and this is what Mark has published as if it were some enormous revelation or proof that I’m running a scam. In fact if I were dishonest, I wouldn’t have explained to the mediator that Vince never even used my software.

Vince made various claims that were rejected by the mediator, so he attempted to start another hearing which I didn’t even bother to attend, because his claims had no foundation. And rightfully the mediator also found they had no foundation. See the result left.

That’s all there is to it. But of course Mark’s “version” is rather “twisted”.

What about The “Official-looking Documents”?

Mark publishes a few other documents that look official. Copies are below with my comments:

a. Email from Mark Howe (using fake name) to Vince Brandt

Mark referred Vince to a “private investigator” on Craigslist. In fact the “private investigator” was Mark himself, and this is what he sent to Vince:


MY COMMENTS: These are the same rubbish claims Mark has made for years. There’s absolutely no truth at all to them (besides the fact I never denied receiving his payment). The wild claims come from Mark’s hatred and spite towards me, all because he doesn’t like me as a “competitor”.

Mark initially claimed on his website that he hired a private investigator who found I was broke and living with my parents next to a homeless hostel. If you don’t believe he made these claims, I will gladly send you copies of his original websites. And if you really believe this utter nonsense, then God help you.

Mark’s claims over the years have been absurd and wild. I have no doubt he has very real mental health issues. I’m not saying this to criticize him. I mean literally, he appears to have serious personal issues.

b. Vince’s Email To VCAT

Below is Vince’s email to VCAT (the area in the red box).


MY COMMENTS: Vince acted as if it was matter of national security. Do you really believe he spent the entire day on the phone with the US Embassy speaking with a Congressman? Do you really believe the FBI would be interested in a civil mediation case that has no relevance to criminal law? I’m the one who asked Vince to hire VCAT because he refused to stop swearing and threatening me. And why did he did this? Because he didn’t understand basic instructions. His emails are all here for you to read.

The thing that’s “official-looking” about it is it’s marked “URGENT”. Unfortunately I meet some strange characters, and Vince appeared delusional about many things. It was only by my honesty in the VCAT hearing that he received a refund, because he never actually used my system’s software. But even after the hearing, he started other cases which were rejected without me even attending the hearing. See the document of his rejected hearing.

c. Vince’s email to the Australian Embassy in the USA


MY COMMENTS: Vince may as well emailed the President too. Remember that Vince’s claim was NOT that my roulette system didn’t work. His claim was that it “didn’t exist”. Why? Because he didn’t properly read the instructions. I even emailed him the LOGIN details and web address. I even showed them in the VCAT hearing and insisted we log in to show Vince had no idea. Vince also refers to the Rentech case (explained here) which he has no idea about. As for his claims about TV shows, I insisted to Vince that he have the TV show producers to contact me so I can publicly demonstrate my roulette systems and computers. It would have been a fantastic opportunity to prove a point. I often do public demonstrations, but unfortunately not yet on live TV.

False Claim 2: Mark claims I cheat in my video demonstrations by spinning the ball and wheel at consistent speeds.

Variation of ball spin speeds
The variation of ball revolutions and spin speeds in my 1hr video demo. This clearly established the spin speed variation is even greater than on actual casino wheels.

Mark has made countless ever-changing claims to explain the accuracy I demonstrate in my videos. For the public demonstration, he claims I paid actors to attend, and used magnets. But most often he criticises is the 1hr demo shown below. Specifically he claims that I intentionally spin the ball and wheel at the same speed. He shows screenshots of the video that suit his claim. But shown left is a chart displaying the number of ball revolutions for each spin in the entire video. You can see there is a substantial variation in the number of times the ball goes around before falling. The variation is a large spread between 7 – 18 revolutions which is much greater than most dealers. Check the entire video below for yourself:

False Claim 3: Mark claims that I have a fraud conviction

This is not a false claim, but more something he uses to his advantage. It has no bearing on my roulette technology, but it calls to question my integrity. This case is explained in detail at

Basically around 20 years ago, I was a stock promoter and misunderstood a public company’s press release. I published my misunderstanding and was changed with reckless dissemination of incorrect information. It was not some global malicious scam as Mark Howe portrays. The link above provide full details.

False Claim 4: Various players of mine contacted him to complain about my computer or system

Some of the players Mark published information about actually exist, and some are completely fabricated. Of the players that do exist, most have since apologized to me for their misunderstandings, yet their initial inaccurate claims remain on Mr Howe’s websites. Every negative claim from real players has been addressed in detail, because there is nothing to hide. In fact when a player wants to complain, I permit them to openly criticise me on my forums. This is so I may respond in detail to demonstrate the player has misunderstandings. The most notable player who published unjustified claims is Bago (Tony Duhamel), and various public validations already refuted his claims. Every business has at least some dissatisfied customers no matter how good their product is. After all, not everyone understands what they’ve purchased. But sellers only publish the positive feedback. I prefer to be open, so below I’ve also included the negative feedback I’ve received, and what I’ve done to correct issues:

Negative Feedback #1: I teach only bits of the system and keep the secrets too close to my chest

Years ago I provided my system in parts. Specifically players first received the “primordials” document which taught basic methods. If the player could beat their wheels with these methods, that’s all I taught them because that’s all they needed. I only taught players more powerful methods when needed. Often players sent me spins for analysis, and I would use my software to generate the betting charts for them. This way the secrets were never released. The main downside was the players didn’t have immediate access to the most advanced methods, and they had to wait for me to do the analysis and betting charts for them.

How issues were fixed: Now players have access to the software themselves via It is capable of automatically analyzing spins and generating the betting charts so the player doesn’t ever need to know exactly how the system works. Considering the average analysis takes 30 seconds of computer processing and performs billions of calculations, it is unlikely to ever be reverse engineered. So all players now have access to advanced methods, and secrets are well protected.

Negative feedback #2: The system takes too long to apply

The only players that said this are accustomed to systems like where you wait for 10 reds in a row then bet on black. I do teach you methods that can be applied from start to finish in 1-2 hours, but the most advanced methods require more. The advanced methods require 100-300 spins per direction to analyze a wheel’s patterns. This is usually needed only once for each wheel, and it can be done over multiple days. Then you resume play each day after checking 10-20 spins at the start of each day. This is not at unreasonable. Something unreasonable is working 9-5 for 50 years to pay off a life-long mortgage, then retiring on a pension.

How issues were fixed: My site clearly explains what is required. You can use the quicker methods I also teach you, but the downside is fewer wheels are suitable. The quicker methods are suitable only for about 5-10% of wheels and achieve a small edge. The most powerful methods are suitable for about 30% of modern wheels, achieve a much higher edge, and are much easier to apply.

Negative feedback #3: I can’t find enough suitable wheels

As explained above, many years ago I initially taught players only traditional and basic methods to beat roulette. Players were only taught more advanced methods when “needed”. The basic methods were naturally not as suitable for as many wheels as the advanced methods. But some players assumed that the initial basic methods were all they received. Players that never bothered to get proper support never knew about additional methods I taught. Perhaps I could have explained this better, but it was still always the player’s responsibility to keep me informed on their progress so I knew what they “need”.

How issues were fixed: The basic methods are still taught to the players in the primordials document, but they are generally considered more as an introduction to professional methods. They are suitable for roughly 5-10% of wheels whereas approximately 30% of wheels are suitable for my full system, plus the full system is easier to use and achieves a much higher edge. But still if a player can only visit one casino, and that casino has only 1 wheel, then they may find even the full system unsuitable. The player would still have the option of playing at online casinos where we know well the wheels are suitable, or travelling to find more suitable wheels.

Negative feedback #4: The system “doesn’t work”

Saying the system “doesn’t work” is an empty claim without supporting information. No gambling professional would ever say my methods “don’t work”. The only people that have ever said this are either other gambling system sellers and people who believed them, people with ulterior motives, or inexperienced players that find it easier to blame others than themselves.

The first document I send players (primordials document) contains all the traditional and globally recognized techniques to beat roulette. The casinos call the traditional professional roulette systems “advantage play”. No professional would deny they are effective. If you ask a professional if visual ballistics or bias analysis works, they’ll tell you “yes”. But if you mention they are methods taught by me, the answer will be different.

I consider these methods to be comparatively old and impractical methods. My full system is many steps beyond the traditional advantage play methods, but it is still based around the same solid principles of physics. As other system sellers don’t understand anything but traditional methods (if that at all), they may say my methods look like “voodoo”.

How issues were fixed: No honest person that knew what they were saying would ever say my system “doesn’t work”. Again the only people that say it doesn’t work are either other system sellers and people that believe them, people with ulterior motives, or players that have a very poor understanding of what I teach. Remember a bad tradesman blames his tools. There is no remedy for this although I always strive to help players understand my techniques, and the auto analysis software is as foolproof as it can be.

If you carefully consider what is being said by real players, you’ll see there is nothing of real substance. Many of the “legitimate” players he mentions have since apologized to me as they come to understand they did not apply my system correctly, but Mr Howe refuses to amend his material. Again the most notable player who published unjustified claims is Bago (Tony Duhamel), and various public validations already refuted his claims. See the public testing that refuted Tony Duhamel’s false claims.

False Claim 5: Fabrication Of Player Statements:

Mr Howe has completely fabricated many players that don’t exist. But he more recently fabricates statements from actual players. For example, he published the following statement from a player. The player is real, but the statement is completely false: ” I would like you to help me and my family, I have asked Stefano for a refund several times, but he says I do not know how to use system properly. At his site he says he gives guaranteed refund of $100,000 if his system does not work. I just want my $2000 back for my poor family to feed them. Please send this proof to the correct authorities to deal with this criminal and get me monies back please.” Importantly this player has since apologized to me and acknowledged their error. And when I asked him if he actually made this statement, he responded:

“I never wrote that, there says that I need the money to feed my POOR family, I never said that to that guy. I never said this, I dont understand”

Other False Claims

Mark has made countless absurd claims over the years and I don’t have time to waste on everything. But sometimes I’m still asked about trivial issues, with some addressed below:

False claim: Mark claims he hired a private investigator to contact my wife and pretend to be her old friend, and apparently my wife revealed I’m broke and had to use money we won in a competition to fix our back-yard.

Advertisement to lease our property

The Truth: Mark himself contacted my wife, pretending to be her old friend. My wife explained we were using money we won in a competition to create an alfresco (paved area) at the back of the house. She never said we couldn’t afford it.

The house was purchased as an investment property. Australian tax law allows investors to reduce capital gains tax if they live in the investment property for a period of time (2 years). We saved around $50,000 in tax by doing this. The purchase price was $365k and sale price was $510k. Before the sale, we leased the house out for a year at $450/week. See the image for our advertisement to lease the property (click to enlarge). After expenses, it was about $150,000 profit.

Because it was a temporary residence, we didn’t spend money to develop it. If we did, we’d have needed to increase our wages which are capped at $70k each, otherwise we enter a high tax bracket. Basically my company pays our wages, and the rest of the profits are kept as company profits, which are taxed at the lower rate of 30%.

We were about to move out of the house into a new one. So significantly increasing our tax rate, for an alfresco we’d barely use, would have been a waste of money.

When we won the competition and were paid $10,000 tax-free, my wife wanted to spend the money on the alfresco because it wouldn’t affect our tax-bracket. If we were broke, we would have spent the money more wisely, although it did at least increase the appeal of the property to tenants.

The emails from her also explain she has a jewelry business but only works “when she feels like it”. Not exactly desperation for money. And broke people don’t profit $150,000 in 2 years from one house. All Mark did was reveal a profitable property.

If you check the real estate records for yourself, you’ll see that in two years I earned $150,000 from this house alone. So you’d see public record my income was at least $75,000 per year. And this is not including income from my roulette teams or companies. You can decide: does the claims that I’m broke seem believable?

Additionally, Mark omitted emails where he eventually tells my wife that he was actually a prostitute I apparently regularly have sex with. He then told my wife she needed to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Among other things, he also contacted my wife and claimed that one of her business customers secretly poisoned her drink, which apparently caused a birth defect in my son. Mark has done far more than just this. He is truly a very, very sick man. And his behavior is now a matter for the police.