Steven Hourmouzis

I have something important to share. First, watch this video CAREFULLY, right to the end. It’s important:

It looks innocent enough, right?

Next, watch this fully. IT’S IMPORTANT. And if you haven’t developed a cerebral hemorrhage by the end, well done.

Here’s my point

The woman in the first video is a tyrannical leader of the New World Order. She’s just the representative on Earth. The Teletubbies aren’t what they seem. They look all innocent, cute, and all that shit. But they’re her genetically engineered minions.

They kidnap small children in the night, and take them to their spaceship – which isn’t really alien, because it’s reverse-engineered technology from the Roswell crash. Then they perform all sorts of experiments. They return the children before the parents wake up.

It’s like an epidemic. It’s happening all over the world, and nobody suspects a thing. I’m certain these are the beings behind and similar websites. It’s evil. Diabolical.

How do I know?

Once I was walking in the woods. I accidentally tripped over a log, and landed on a pile of mushrooms that looked like this:

I think I got some in my mouth, which seemed to implement a biological tracker than enabled them to find me. Because shortly after, I was abducted by the Teletubbies. They tortured me, in a very colorful room with flashing lights, and geometric patterns. They explained their whole plan, and introduced me to the dancing chicken chick.

At first, I thought it was gonna be one of “those” dreams. I mean who hasn’t dreamed about “private time” with a woman dressed up as a chicken, right? Or maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, she explained their whole plan. But I don’t remember it all. They eventually wiped part of my memory, and returned me back to where they abducted me. I mean right in the same patch of pine needles where I fell. Clearly I put up some resistance when they abducted me, because the pine needles were all messed up like people had been rolling around and fighting. But yeah, I remembered enough to share it here.

And by the way, Earth is totally flat. They explained it all. Originally they intended to build a spherical Earth. But when they were building Earth, the Interdimensional Galatacikals Federation had a dispute with the union workers, who wanted a pay-rise. The dispute was resolved with cost-cutting to pay the union workers. The result is a flat Earth.

Also if you’re interested to know about my experience with roulette, see below:


  1. Hey steve I followed your emails for so long and wanted to say hi. Your a funny guy. I was a member of vls forum for long time. Also member on rfcc but I dont post there only read. I agree with almost everything you say and have a learnt alot from you so thanks !!

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