Ion Salui (competitor)

Ion Salui is a self-professed professional roulette player with a website. He claims I “stole his idea”, although he knows virtually nothing about my roulette system. His claims are delusional rants with no foundation.

False Claim 1: I “pirated” his system

Ion’s systems are nothing like mine. Basically his entire foundation for his claim is at the start of the video below, I explain that in order to track wins and losses, we will consider if the ball landed in the correct wheel-half. See the first part of the video below:

Ion claims that looking at which half the ball lands in was “his idea”. And that’s it. That’s literally the foundation of his claim. I only used “half wheel predictions” in my video so it is easier for viewers to track winnings and losses. My system does not deal exclusively with half-wheels predictions, and in fact doing so reduces accuracy because the size of a targeted sector is different for every wheel. It is never consistently 18 pockets (half a wheel). My system identifies segmented sectors of the wheel, where the ball is either most or least likely to land.

I sent Ion a polite email to explain his mistake, but he did not respond or correct his statement. Yet he continued making ridiculous claims. Ion appears genuinely delusional about this matter. I have nothing to do with him and am not in the vaguest interested in anything he has developed. I’m aware his website has existed for some time, but it is full of his misunderstandings of gaming probability and physics.

10 Years Later

For years I ignored Ion’s rants, but eventually responded to him in the forum discussion below (screenshots). This was the first time I ever engaged in any significant discussion with Ion.

Decide for yourself Ion’s state of mind, and the kind of character he is. He’s completely unreasonable, and unwilling to correct his claims despite incredibly clear information that refutes his nonsense.