False Allegations About Me

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been attacked by malicious business competitors, and people I banned from my forums for scamming or spamming. I’m an honest person, so I wanted to address the lies. Each notable case is addressed in the links below. But I’ve wasted enough time on it. So don’t bother asking about it further.

Summary of false allegations: General outline of the nonsense competitors wrote about me, and how I addressed the false allegations.

Frequently Asked Questions: The answers should be obvious, but people still ask.

Mark Howe: competitor who posts blatant lies under many aliases. He’s responsible for 90% of the nonsense about me, and others just re-posted the rubbish.

Vince Brandt: Customer who blamed me for him not reading instructions.

Tony Duhamel (Bago): Young man from France who also blamed me for him not reading instructions. Also see the public challenge with Tony that proved his claims were false.

Miro Zirdum (Forester): Competitor who was nearly convicted of stalking me. The judge agreed his behavior was unacceptable and technically stalking, but not serious enough for conviction.

Jamie Hincks: A young guy I banned for deceptive spam on my forum.

Mr J (Ken): An ex-moderator of my forum who was banned for abusing his power as a moderator.

Alabalah: User banned from my forum.

Andruchi: His scam was exposed on my website, so he blamed me.

Clothdog: Customer who publicly apologized to me after his inaccurate statements.

Ion Saliu: Strange guy.

The Rentech case: Anyone who followed my unlawful advice would have made a fortune.