Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can make any claim about anyone, and some people would assume there might be some truth to it – no matter how ridiculous the claim is. In my case, much of the false claims are complete fabrications. This section addresses some of them.

Q. Is it true you are on government unemployment benefits (Centerlink)?

No. This is a blatant lie without any truth. I have never been on unemployment benefits.

Q. Is it true the FBI are chasing you?

No, it’s another blatant lie.

Q. Is it true you are broke and living with your parents next to a homeless hostel?

No, I’m a middle-aged man that hasn’t lived with parents for 30 years.

Q. Is it true you were “sued” for theft?

No. The claim refers to Vince Brandt who I refunded because he was abusive for his own mistakes.

Q. Is it true that 32 people are waiting for refunds from you?

No. “32” is an arbitrary number that Mark Howe made up. There’s no truth to it at all.

Q. Is it true you went to jail for fraud?

No. I basically went to jail for claiming a stock will increase price by about 900%, based on my research. The investigators believed my claims were deliberately false. But after my sentence, my prediction was proven correct and the stock price increased by 1500% – nearly twice my prediction. I did not defraud anyone. I did not lie. And anyone who took my advice to buy the stock would have profited. The full story is at

Q. How am I supposed to trust you with money with so much rubbish written about you?

I’ve addressed it thoroughly. Figure it out for yourself.

Q. Is it true you hire actors and use magnets in your public demonstrations?

No, my public demos are open for anyone to attend. And anyone can inspect the wheel for tampering, or even spin it themselves.

Q. Is it true a private investigator revealed you had no money?

No. Mark Howe referred Vince Brandt to a so-called private investigator on The investigator was in fact Mark Howe himself, who told Vince blatant lies about my personal wealth. On Mark’s website, he publishes this letter and claims it’s from a private investigator. But he neglects to tell you he wrote the letter himself, and it’s complete nonsense.