Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can make any claim about anyone, and some people would assume there might be some truth to it – no matter how ridiculous the claim is. In my case, much of the false claims are complete fabrications. This section addresses some of them.

Q. Is it true you are on government unemployment benefits (Centerlink)?

No. This is a blatant lie without any truth. I have never been on unemployment benefits.

Q. Is it true the FBI are chasing you?

No, it’s another blatant lie.

Q. Is it true you are broke and living with your parents next to a homeless hostel?

No, I’m a middle-aged man that hasn’t lived with parents for 30 years.

Q. Is it true you were “sued” for theft?

No. Simply a purchaser of my roulette system didn’t read the download instructions I emailed, and sent me abusive emails. I asked him to stop using foul language, or hire a civil mediator which would resolve issues with me – without the immature behavior. He chose to hire the mediator, to which I explained he never even accessed my system, and I agreed to a refund. The matter was simple and it is explained in detail at but the truth has been deliberately twisted.

Q. Is it true that 32 people are waiting for refunds from you?

No. “32” is an arbitrary number that Mark Howe made up. There’s no truth to it. At one stage, he claimed he represented “over 100” people in a class action against me. His lies have changed over the years.

Q. Why do you sell your systems and computers if they worked?

It is explained in detail on my sites. I sell my less effective systems, and keep the best technology to myself. My private teams use my best technology and pay me only after they beat wheels. Details are at

Q. Is it true you went to jail for fraud?

I basically went to jail for claiming a stock will increase price by about 900%. The government investigators believed my claims were deliberately false to make people buy the stock. But after my sentence, my prediction was proven correct and the stock price increased by 1500% – nearly twice my prediction. I did not defraud anyone. I did not lie. And anyone who took my advice to buy the stock would have profited. But my attackers want you to believe I went to jail for cheating people. Not even the media got the story right because they just recited government prosecutors. But the full story is at

Q. How am I supposed to trust you with money with so much rubbish written about you?

It’s not hard to figure out. When someone wants to discredit you, they’ll say anything with extreme bias. Anyone can test my computers for free, or see a private demonstration. I also give a 5-day free trial of my roulette system. There’s lots of proof of my claims, and ways for you to see I’m honest. If you prefer to believe rubbish instead of finding out for yourself, without any risk, then I’d rather not deal with you anyway.

Q. Is it true you hire actors and use magnets in your public demonstrations?

No, my public demos are open for anyone to attend. And anyone can inspect the wheel for tampering, or even spin it themselves.

Q. Is it true a private investigator revealed you had no money?

No. Mark Howe referred Vince Brandt to a so-called private investigator on The investigator was in fact Mark Howe himself, who told Vince blatant lies about my personal wealth. On Mark’s website, he publishes this letter and claims it’s from a private investigator. But he neglects to tell you he wrote the letter himself, and it’s complete nonsense.

Q. Is it true your wife said you were broke and forced to use money won in a competition to fix your house?

No. After making it clear she was financially comfortable and could afford to “work whenever she felt like it”, she mentioned I won a $10,000 prize, and that is was used to develop a property we were about to rent to tenants. Mark’s interpretation is quite different.

Q. Is it true you have only cheap cars?

The claim was made by Mark Howe, but he doesn’t mention what cars I drive because he has no idea. I could tell you I drive a Lamborghini. But the fact is I have two middle-range cars. While I can easily afford expensive vehicles, it’s not the type of person I am. I have no interest in sports or luxury vehicles.

Q. Is it true that an unhappy customer of yours create a website to “expose” you, and you sent a letter to his neighbors lying and saying he was a sex offender?

No. This is one of the many wild malicious lies that doesn’t have a shred of truth.

Q. Is it true a court revealed you only had $50,000 in assets, and it was all from scamming people?

No, it’s another ridiculous claim from Mark Howe. It also contradicts his earlier claims of me being broke, and he often contradicts himself. This claim came from a video I created where I used a money-counting machine to count $50,000 in cash. The video is still on my website. I created the video, regrettably, to make fun of a video where Mark Howe counted a fraction of this amount. Since making the video, I’ve grown up. At first, Mark claimed the money/notes were photocopied. But he later changed his claim to the cash coming from me cheating people. Is $50,000 all I have? No. I could have counted far more, but withdrawing large cash amounts from banks causes a lot of hassle and suspicion. And anyone with significant wealth knows having this much liquid funds (not properly invested) is a waste of money – (unless you’re in a position where it doesn’t matter).

Q. Is it true that the person (Ronjo) who did independent testing of your roulette computer was actually you using a fake name?

No. I didn’t choose the tester. The members of the roulette community chose him because he was well known and trusted to be independent.

Q. What about the testimonials from your customers published on Mark Howe’s site?

Firstly, I have over 1,000 players and a few are bound to not understand what they’ve purchased. No product ever has a 100% satisfaction rate. Approximately 95% of my players are happy with the system and agree it works as I claim. But you almost never hear from successful because they respect and adhere to the non-disclosure agreements. The players you do hear from are the unhappy ones who haven’t succeeded.

Some of the negative testimonials on Mark Howe’s website are genuine, some are complete fabrications and the people don’t even exist, and some have had their statements blatantly modified. Of the players and statements that are legitimate, you’ll find their claims don’t have a foundation. For example, a claim that the system “doesn’t work” or “is a scam” is an empty claim without justification. Even Mark Howe acknowledges less effective techniques I teach for free, like visual ballistic work (unless you tell him it’s a technique I teach). His extreme negative bias is not difficult to see.

My roulette system applies the same principles as traditional and proven techniques, that even Mark Howe acknowledges are effective. But my system takes the approaches further with a better analysis and modelling method, to find and exploit predictable spins. So why would he attack a method he knows works? The answer should be obvious.

Nevertheless, some players don’t succeed, with the main reasons being:

  • Laziness: as I say on my sites, my approaches require time and patience. Many people expect to win without time and effort.
  • Poor communication and English skills: Almost every person who has “complained” has poor comprehension of English. And such players often struggle with simple concepts. The instructions I provide are translated, but the translations are not perfect. I still provide all required support, but often simple concepts are not understood.

And when a player doesn’t succeed, naturally they find it easier to blame me and the system, instead of themselves for incorrect application of the system. Then they may search for my name and “scam” and find Mark Howe’s website, then send Mark their complaint. And again, you’ll find the complaints are empty and unsubstantiated claims. Any specific claims are very easily proven false – if you care to investigate. For example, Tony Duhamel’s (Bago) false claims that my computers produce random predictions. You only need to see my public demo videos with a +120% edge to see the claim is ridiculous (unless you believe the nonsense claiming I use magnets and paid actors). Or to consider the public testing by Ronjo. Any false claim is easily proven false, if you care to properly research.