Forester (Miro Zirdum)

Miro Zirdum (Forester) is a ‘competing’ roulette computer developer. Most of his false claims are regarding issues regarding using mobile phones for roulette computer development, although he makes various false claims about me – almost most of that is just re-posting nonsense from other people. I don’t have time to address everything, so below are the main parts.

False Claim 1: Mobile phones cannot possibly process accurate timings

To address his claim, I sent my roulette computer to a well-known neutral, respected and experienced roulette player named Ronjo. The idea was he’d do independent testing and report back to the roulette community. Ronjo verified my claims and that Forester’s claims were false. See details of Ronjo’s testing.

You can also see recorded tests where I compare my Uber roulette computer model with his FFA model (click here to see the comparative testing). These tests were done solely to compare each computer’s ability to process manual clicking errors. Anyone with multiple computers can do the same test.

False Claim 2: He has my system and believes it can only achieve a small edge

Forester doesn’t have my system. He has a PDF document that I send to new players as an introduction. It explains the basics of roulette wheel physics, and a simple technique that can beat roulette under certain conditions. Forester bases his analysis of my system entirely on this document. Anyone can get this document for FREE at

He has been corrected, but he’s not interested in the truth. Forester has very little knowledge of my system and is in no position to evaluate it. 

At one stage, he released a new product he claimed was awesome. I was later sent it for free my one of my players who purchased it. And I discovered it was an rudimentary version of one approach I teach my players. Either he attempted to copy my approach, or only just discovered part of what my players already applied.

This is one example. He really had no idea about my systems or computers. For him, I assume it’s all a matter of pride, and plain business.

False Claim 3: My Hybrid roulette computer cannot produce wheel timings more accurate than his computers

Forester claims that my Hybrid Roulette Computer can only process video at 30 frames per second, so it can never be as accurate as what his computer produces.

Again he has no idea. Earlier versions of my Hybrid detected the ball multiple times in an arc (defined angle). So it was never a single detection in 30 frames.

Later versions then both observed multiple detection, AND the angle of each direction. See below:

Note the line connected to the circle around the ball. The angle (position) of the ball is observed, and this occurs approximately 5-20 times, each time the ball passes. So the accuracy is closer to 1ms, which is far from his claims.

So why does he focus on lying about what my computers do?

Basically to determine the speed of the ball, a simplistic roulette computer like his requires you to click a hidden button each time the ball completes a revolution. This comes with significant errors. Specifically, there is approximately 50ms of error with each “manual” click.

So the timings of his computers are 50 times less accurate than timings of my Hybrid computer.

There is much more to the story although it’s not relevant. For example, I took him to court for stalking. He also lied about what happened in the case, so I published what the judge said below:

Frequently Asked Questions


My reviews are honest and accurate. But they don’t favor his product, which is why he attempts to discredit me.

Initially I had no interest in publish my assessment, until I noticed his false claims about me. Retrospectively, I should have just refuted his false claims about me, rather than reveal additional deception about his own technology. I would have wasted less time.

Keep in mind my reviews say much the same as what an independent reviewer found. The casino consultant Mike Barnett thoroughly tested two of Forester’s computers. He found and stated they are NOT a threat to casinos. Forester lied about Mr Barnett’s review, and attempts to discredit him too. See more details at Review of FFZ device and Review of FFA device where you can see actual quotes from Mr Barnett.


He refers mostly to claims from Bago (Tony Duhamel), which are false and you can verify this for yourself on this website, or if you have my technology. But the false claims were “convenient” for Miro (Forester) to repeat.

The false claims are easily refuted in a personal demonstration. You can also bring any of his devices to compare on the same spins.


Here’s some of what he did:

  • He drove about 2500KM interstate to visit a house he believed I lived in. At the time, I didn’t live there. It was a rental property I owned and leased to tenants. Nevertheless, he took a photo of the house. He bragged about doing this on his forum.
  • He sent the photo to other people he knew would publish it online for him, which they did – on his forum, along with the private address.
  • He was illegally sent my drivers license photo by a corrupt casino consultant, who was upset at me because I refused to send him my roulette computers for free. I told the consultant I would show him less-sensitive parts of it privately, if he visited me in person. But I would never knowingly send him sensitive parts, especially for free. It upset him. So he illegally acquired my driver’s license photo, and sent it to the second competitor, who then published it on his website – in combination with false information about me, all to annoy me and promote his own products. Yes, the casino industry is full of malicious and corrupt people.
  • He encouraged others to share the material to others, along with various blatant lies about me.

Consequently, I took him to court in attempt to have him convicted of stalking. The judge ruled that:

  1. I had good reason to complain,
  2. The competitor’s behavior was unacceptable, and that his behavior did meet the definition of stalking,

However, he believed the behavior wasn’t serious enough to charge him.

Rather than take the matter further, I met with this particular competitor. And we agreed that private lives and material should stay private. I knew a great deal about him and his private life, but I did not care (Why would I? I have my own life).

And as for his false allegations (utter bullshit) about my technology, we agreed I would just hold a public demonstration to prove my claims were accurate. And that’s what I did.

Unfortunately, my public demonstration upset him. Presumably because it revealed his claims about me were embarrassingly false.

So he responded by publishing more private material about me. Then I took him back to court. While this second judge warned him his behavior was unacceptable, she agreed with the first judge that his behavior – while technically was “stalking” – wasn’t serious enough for a criminal conviction.

At that point, I resolved the matter outside the legal system. And he should know not to push the matter further.

Again Forester (Miro Zirdum) lied about what happened in court. Perhaps he wanted everyone to believe he was an innocent angel. So below I published what the judge said:


Mainly it’s how he competes in business. But he’s is an extremely arrogant person and wants everyone to believe he and his technology is best. I came to know him quite well in-person and understood the type of person he is. I sincerely believe in many ways, he is deluded.

He also has a personal vendetta for a few reasons. Firstly, he suspected I sent photos of him to casinos, when I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t even know he suspected this until we met in person, then he told me.

He is also upset because I published information to refute his false claims about me, and his son read it. Forester said it caused his son a lot of distress. All I did was address false claims. But he refused to accept responsibility for them. It’s unfortunate his son got involved, but it was only my intention to refute his nonsense.