Andruchi (competitor)

“Andruchi” is a roulette system seller and casino promoter. His website is although he uses a fake name on the site. The website is almost entirely about me and recites the same nonsense on other “competitor” websites (screenshot below):


Why “Andruchi” Attacks Me

He created for revenge, because I revealed his scam at Often telling the truth does make me the target of attacks. It was not my intention to attack him as a “competitor”. But he is very clearly running a scam, and I’d rather be a target than let him scam people.

Besides selling known-ineffective systems, his scam was giving people a free system he claimed only worked at specific “flawed” casinos. And conveniently, he provides an affiliate link to the flawed casinos. So basically unsuspecting players join the casino, test the system with real money then lose. And Andruchi gets commission on the player’s losses.

If you are interested in my response to claims on his website, I suggest fully reading this entire site because Andruchi’s claims are just repeated from other “competitors”.